USofA Pageants announces new National Promoters

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, USofA Pageants, Inc announced six new promoters for their National Pageant System. The statement came via their official social media accounts.

“Over the course of the year, the one thing that has consistently arisen is the need for clear communication. Not only from USofA Pageants, but also from others that have had or have responsibilities within USofA Pageants.” Read the statement posted on USofA Pageants official social media. “Which leads us to the reason for this announcement, USofA Pageants is excited to announce the addition of several new National Promoters” continued the statement.

The following is the list of the new National Promoters:

Mr. Gay USofA at Large – Lil Nugg (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Mr. Gay USofA – Dorion Foy (Atlanta, Georgia)

Miss Gay USofA Classic – Myah Ross Monroe (Atlanta, Georgia)

Miss Gay USofA Newcomer – Terrance Hines, Bradley Jackson, Aaron Buford and Stephen Reynolds (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas)

Miss Gay USofA – Kennedy Davenport (Dallas, Texas)

The statement also announced the official change of leadership, since the death of former CEO Jerry Bird Scott Burk became the interim Chief Operating Officer, as of September 1, 2022, he is now the official CEO of USofA Pageants, Inc and will lead all promoters and the company.

The full two-page statement is below:

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