The Glamorous Pageantry System announces contestants for Mr. & Miss Glamorous 2023

The Glamorous Pageantry System has announced its contestants for the 2023 Mr. & Miss Glamorous Pageants. The announcement came via the official Glamorous Pageantry System Facebook page.

The contestants will compete in (3) categories Presentation: Once Upon A Dream (Miss) and Heroes vs. Villains (Mr), Solo Talent and Formal Wear. A total of 19 Mr. Contestants and a total of 21 Miss Contestants will all battle it out for a winner takes all $10,000 cash prize per division.

The two-night affair will honor Roxxxy Andrews Mr. Glamorous 2022 and Mr. Glamorous Bobby Iman and feature Miss Glamorous Newcomer Sam Star and Miss Glamorous Plush Nicole T Phillips. The pageant will take place at The Plaza Live on Sunday, March 19, 2023 and Monday, March 20, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

The contestants for Mr. Glamorous are as followed:

  1. Jose Perez

  2. Ke'ari Star Sanchez

  3. Leostar F@mouz

  4. Zayden Bonet

  5. Steffen D'debonair

  6. Zedyc L Thomas

  7. Christopher Iman

  8. Kamarion Lavish

  9. Ken Sanchez

  10. Neaundre Bonet

  11. D'Christian

  12. Desi M. Andrews

  13. Christian Lord Bonet

  14. Angel

  15. Apollo Dior Black

  16. Antonio Edwards

  17. Andraliss D Munro

  18. Blake Zohara

  19. Brandon Shivers

The contestants for Mr. Glamorous are as followed:

  1. Amalara Sofia

  2. Tranecia Sanchez

  3. Natalie E Devine

  4. Miya Iman Le'Paige

  5. Sharon Coex

  6. Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington

  7. Krystal Cassadine

  8. Gia Bianca Stephens

  9. Silkie O'Hara Munro

  10. Jeivy Lalique

  11. E-V

  12. Sofia Andrews

  13. Alexyeus Paris

  14. Montana Michaels Ross

  15. Christina Doll

  16. Galaxy Jetson

  17. Priscilla Rock

  18. Sabin

  19. Aaliyah D Martinez

  20. Taylor St james

  21. Lil Star (Escada)

The Miss Glamorous Pageant was the recieipt of the 2022 National Diamond Crystal Award for Pageant of the Year presented by Drag Confidentinal in July 2022.

For more information, Tickets and host hotel information visit Glamorous Pageantry.

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