The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans cast revealed.

The monsters for the Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans have been revealed.

The announced came via Entertainment Weekly Exclusive on Monday, September 26, 2022. Dragula: Titians is a 10-episode spin-off of the main drag competition, but this time 10 previously exterminated contestants from the first four season will battle it out for $100,000 prize and a headlining spot on an upcoming world tour

"We wanted the show to feel familiar to fans, but we also wanted the set and format to feel elevated from a regular season in order to match the incredible talent of the artists we've brought together," the Boulets said of the season in a statement. "There are so many shocking twists and turns this year that the competitors affectionately renamed the show 'Gagula' during filming, and we really can't wait for audiences to see it. This show is truly the most compelling content we've created to date."

Meet the Monsters of Dragula: Titans:

Abhora (season 2)

Astrud Aurelia (season 4)

Erika Klash (season 2)

Evah Destruction (season 3)

HoSo Terra Toma (season 4)

Kendra Onixxx (season 2, Resurrection)

Koco Caine (season 4)

Melissa Befierce (season 1)

Victoria Elizabeth Black (season 2, Resurrection)

Yovska (season 3)

Dragula:Titans will premiere with two episodes on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 on the Shudder streaming service.

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