The Baton Show Lounge announces new cast members

The Baton Show Lounge, America’s premiere show lounge has announced its newest cast members.

After two audition nights held January 19, 2022 and February 9, 2022 it was announced that four new members will join the existing cast of Chilli Pepper, Joan Julian, Toni Valentino, Jacky Couture and the only male lead on cast Angel Saez.

The four new members are

Jourdin K LaRue

Fonda LaFemme

Jannelle Dumott

Danika Bone’t

Jannelle and Danika are alternate cast members while Jourdin and Fonda were chosen as preeminent cast members.

All four will be joining the cast for the Anniversary Weekend March 3-6, 2022 as The Baton Show Lounge celebrates fifty-three years in business.

Founded in 1969 by Jim Flint, the Baton’s “Tops of the Nation Review” have been pleasing audiences from across the globe featuring the best of the best in female impersonation and male revue. The cast of the Baton Show Lounge has entertained for Hollywood's top celebrities, recording artists and professional athletes.

For more information on The Baton Show Lounge visit The Baton Show Lounge

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