The 50th Anniversary of Miss Gay America Official Contestant List

The Miss Gay America Pageantry System held their Contestant Drawing for the 50th Anniversary of Miss Gay America on Sunday, December 5, 2021. The outgoing Miss Gay America Pattaya Hart was joined with owner Michael Dutzer in Times Square via Facebook Live.

A total of 34 contestants have qualified to become the next Symbol of Excellence from across America. The contestants qualified pre-pandemic and post-pandemic as the Miss Gay America Pageantry System was delayed and stopped for the global pandemic forcing the System to take a year off.

The official list of contestants in order of competition are as followed:

1. Aria Russo : 1st Alt Miss Gay Diamond

2. Ava Aurora Fox : Miss Gay Ohio

3. Miranda Rights : Miss Gay Maryland

4. Bubblez : Miss Gay Louisiana

5. Detoxx Busti-ae : 1st Alt Miss Gay Excelsior

6. Buff Faye : 1st Alt Miss Gay North Carolina

7. Trixie LaRue : Miss Gay Missouri

8. Madyson Andrew Steele : 1st Alt Miss Gay Mississippi

9. Atheena Voce : 1st Alt Miss Gay Eastern States

10. Grecia Montes Docca : Miss Gay Texas

11. Kylee O’Hara Fatale : 1st Alt Miss Gay Texas

12. Courtney Kelly : Miss Gay Great Lakes

13. Vega : Miss Gay Eastern States

14. Claudia B : 1st Alt Miss Gay Arizona

15. Amazing Grace : Miss Gay Atlantic Coast

16. Athena Sinclair : Miss Gay Arkansas

17. Tatiyanna Voche : Miss Gay Western States

18. FiFi DuBois : Miss Gay Sin City

19. Onyx D. Pearl : 1st Alt Miss Gay Maryland

20. Sicarya Seville : Miss Gay Arizona

21. Tiffany Anne Coke-Hart : 1st Alt Miss Gay New York America

22. Jessica T. Deveraux : 1st Alt Miss Gay Sin City

23. Roxxy Malone : 1st Alt Miss Gay Missouri

24. Soy Queen : 1st Alt Miss Gay Great Lakes

25. Ivy Carter : 1st Alt Miss Gay Atlantic Coast

26. Shelita Bonet Hoyle : Miss Gay Southern

27. National Holiday : 1st Alt Miss Gay Ohio

28. Paris Brooks-Bonet : Miss Gay North Carolina

29. Dextaci : Miss Gay Diamond

30. Azunique Steely : Miss Gay Oklahoma

31. Josalyn Royale : 1st Alt Miss Gay Louisiana

32. Aubrey Synclaire : Miss Gay Mississippi

33. Brenda Dharling : Miss Gay New York

34. Fancy Rae : Miss Gay Excelsior

The 50th Anniversary of Miss Gay America will take place at its original home of Little Rock, Arkansas January 17, 2022 – January 20, 2022, at the Robinson Center. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster.

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