Scoring error announced for Miss Glamorous Pageant

Miss Glamorous Pageantry System has announced that an error in the scoring was made causing a tie for the 2nd alternate position. On Tuesday, April 6, 2021 Miss Glamorous Pageantry System posted via their official social media that their scoring Tabulator and head judge had made an error in contestant Layla Larue scores. This error caused a tie for the 2nd runner up position. It was announced on the night of the pageant that contestant Necole Luv Dupree was the 2nd alternate winner, now both Necole Luv Dupree and Layla Larue are announced 2nd runner ups.

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The contestant himself Layla Larue had first posted early Tuesday morning April 6, 2021 his own statement announcing that the error had caused her to tie for 1st runner up but due to pageant rules and the tie breaker rule (ties are broken based on the highest score in talent) caused her to be placed as 2nd runner up. The statement read which was posted to her official social media channel that he was letting his friends and fans know about the error is so that “Transparency” can be shown and judges get their recognition for recognizing the effort of his team.

Read the full statement below:

Miss Glamorous Pageant was held on Monday, March 29, 2021 in Orlando, Florida and featured ten of the top female impersonators from across the country competing in three categories (Presentation, Evening Gown & Talent). Joan Jullian of Chicago, Illinois won Miss Glamorous, Fontasia L’Amor placed 1st alternate.

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