North America Pageantry System has announced new date for the national pageant

In an official announcement posted on their social media Rell Thomas of North America Pageantry System said the following:

“As of today (August 4, 2020), North America Pageants will officially move it’s date from January of every year to our new date of July. North America will officially be held the 1st weekend in July on every year starting 2021”

The statement went on to say that due to COVID-19, delays going in 2021 and certain large venues endorsing limited capacity to keep social distancing as the reason for the change.

North America Pageantry System currently has 6 divisions (Mr. North America, Miss North America, Queen at Large, King at Large and Newcomer Divisions) and was scheduled for January 9 & 10, 2021 in Atlanta, GA

The reigning court will continue their roles until their respective step-downs.

Read the official statement below:

For more information on North America Pageantry System visit

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