National Showgirl & National Showman Pageantry Changes

After a successful 4-days of pageantry the National Showgirl & National Showman pageantry continue to make change, this time focusing on categories and inclusion.

In a statement released via the official National Showgirl & National Showman Pageantry system social media channels the following change have been made.

As previously reported on July 17, 2022, previous owner of (8) year’s Scott Stebane retired from Drag to focus on family values. The new owners were named Kerry & Grayson Chandler

In the showgirl divisions the statement read that those who present female on stage will be allowed to compete.

“In order to remain inclusive and consistent with other divisions the change has been made to allow any contestant who presents female on stage to compete.” The statement read

A major scoring change was also announced as the system eliminated the comparative part in the Showgirl/Showman category eliminating the way a tie was broken. Also, in the Supreme division the restriction of (2) back up dancers was removed.

Read the full statement below:

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