Mr & Miss Trans USA National Pageantry System closes its registration.

The Mr & Miss Trans USA National Pageantry System has closed its registration for the National Contest. A total of 18 contestants registered representing 18 states from across the United States. The contestants will be revealed on April 9, 2022, according to Mr. & Miss Trans USA social media.

The states that have been registered and will be represented by the contestants are as followed:

Mr Trans Massachusetts 2022

Mr Trans Minnesota 2022

Mr Trans New York 2022

Mr Trans Ohio 2022

Mr Trans Pennsylvania 2022

Mr Trans Tennessee 2022

Mr Trans Wisconsin 2022

Miss Trans Alaska 2022

Miss Trans Arizona 2022

Miss Trans Arkansas 2022

Miss Trans California 2022

Miss Trans Florida 2022

Miss Trans Illinois 2022

Miss Trans Kentucky 2022

Miss Trans Louisiana 2022

Miss Trans Minnesota 2022

Miss Trans Washington 2022

Miss Trans Wisconsin 2022

The Trans USA pageantry system was created by Gerardo Chavez and Luis Perez, a married couple that resides in Wisconsin. They wanted to create a platform that would stimulate the community as a whole with a focus on trans visibility. According to their official website.

The National Pageant which will honor the outgoing Mr & Miss Trans USA Eddie Broadway and Bianca Nicole will take place May 29, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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