Mr. Gay America Pageant System announces new changes for the 2022 Pageant System.

The Mr. Gay America Pageantry System announces new changes for the 2022 Pageant Season. The owner and forever Mr. Gay America Simba R. Hall announced the changes via a Facebook live broadcast on the official Mr. Gay America Facebook page on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

Simba was joined by National Pageant Director Neaundre Bonet who announced a new scoring system for the 2022 Pageant System. Bonet mentioned after last years scoring fiasco, they teamed up they teamed up with Cameron Turner and Associates who’s a developer who was able to develop an electric scoring system for the Mr. Gay America Pageant System.

This new electric scoring system ensures that there is no room for human error and was tested at the first preliminary for the Mr. Gay America Pageant System in Dallas, Texas for Mr. Gay Texas America. The previous scoring system was a excel spreadsheet and last year during the inaugural year under Mr. Hall a scoring error occurred which caused a contestant to not compete in the Top 10 on final night.

The reigning Mr. Gay America Christopher Iman joined the broadcast and announced the theme for his step down and the dates for the national pageant which will remain in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The theme for the 2022 National Pageant is “Bold in Gold” and must contain 90% gold from any era, to anyplace from here on earth to outer space. The 2022 National Pageant will be held October 3-6, 2022 at The Mosaic Theater on the Las Vegas Strip with two preliminary nights a review show and final night.

The most drastic change of them all came from Simba R. Hall who announced that the Mr. Gay America system will now allow transgender men to compete in the system as long as the government recognizes them as a male. It was also mentioned that this change only is implemented with the Mr. Gay America Pageant System and no change will be made for the Miss Gay America System which is owned by a different owner.

The final announcement of the thirty-seven-minute broadcast was the announcement of “The America Brand” a new guideline for promoters who are interested in promoting in the system which includes all preliminaries have the same prize package and guidelines to allow contestants to have a level playing field and make sure that most of their cost to nationals is covered.

The 2022 Pageant Season for Mr. Gay America has begun with two qualified contestants representing Mr. Gay Texas America and continues 15 additional preliminaries already signed on for the season.

View the entire Facebook live broadcast below:

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