Mr. Gay America Christopher Iman releases Newsletter & Promotional Photo

The reigning Mr. Gay America Christopher Iman released his first Newsletter and Promotional Photo on Sunday, September 19, 2021. The Newsletter and Photo were released on the official Mr. Gay America social media outlets one month after the official national contest.

The newsletter titled "Chris Choreo" is a traditional item done within the America System by their reigning title holders.

Read the full Newsletter below:

5678!!!Making moves from state to state!!!!

Wow!!! It has been fast forward since my win and it doesn't seem to be letting up. The months ahead are fully booked and packed with MrGA duties!!

Well as you all know, the middle of last month I captured the title of Mr. Gay America in Las Vegas, Nevada at The Mosaic Theatre. I competed against 38 creative, talented, intelligent and handsome guys!! Let me tell you this was more than just a competition; it was an experience of a lifetime!! The weekend was designed that way because the owner of this division Simba R Hall (who was also the reigning MrGA... whew..) wanted to create a new formula to get the guys interested not in just winning the contest but enjoying the process. He wanted us to make beautiful memories and create a brotherly bond that's forever embedded in us!!!

Of course, there are important duties and expectations that need to be met when applying to be MrGA. In conjunction with mentally and physically going through the competition (which day by day moved fast), we also had mandatory community service throughout that made everything move in a fast pace (might as well give us a preview of what's expected right?). The feeling we had afterwards and gaining knowledge of these charitable organizations made all of us feel entirely honored to be a part to assist in any way possible and we did all of these things as brothers! A truly beautiful moment.

During the competition you would've thought we ALL were battling for Mr. Congeniality. We all made sure nobody went without for the competition. We literally wanted each other to be at our best and that’s exactly what we made happen. We gave each other shirts, socks, and yes I even gave a contestant some G-strings (don't ask…lol)!

The location was stellar ..The venue was Grand.. The hotel was magnificent... and the journey??... PRICELESS!!

Right after winning, days later, was my 1st booking at Joplin Missouri's Pride (JoMo Pride). The love they showed throughout the weekend was amazing…from all walks of life they came to support and bond in a way I haven't seen in decades. From toddlers to elders, all races, and yes just as many heterosexuals along with the community, were right there wearing our Pride colors boldly with support!! Thank you Joplin for a phenomenal weekend. That was a great way to kick off my journey!!

I feel honored to have come out successful during this exciting competition and will make sure everyone experiences this year's fun packed journey right along with me! Next up; I will continue to move through September’s busy schedule. Stay tuned America!

5678!!! Making moves from state to state!!! I'll be in yours soon!! Hope to see you there!! Ladies and gentlemen THIS IS AMERICA and I’m excited and honored to represent you!!! #americaonthemove

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