Mr and Miss Gay United States changes to open contest!

JP Gulla Owner of The Gay United States Pageantry System has announced that Mr & Miss Gay United States will now be an open contest.

In a statement release October 25, 2020 Jp Gulla said: “Unfortunately, there are a handful of entertainers who were not able to qualify at Preliminaries for multiple reasons beyond their control. Faced with those circumstances, we as a system believe that anyone who wants to compete should be given an opportunity to do so”

The National Pageant is scheduled to be held November 11-13,2020 at The Park in Roanoke, Virginia. Contestants that are interested in competing have until October 30, 2020 at midnight to register Registration fee is $150.00

Read the full statement below:

For more information you may contact the reigning National Title Holders Gunner Scout at or Tajma Stetson at

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