Miss Gay USofA Newcomer National Title Holder Steps Down!

The National Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Title Holder has stepped down.

In a brief statement posted on their official Facebook page Thursday, September 22, 2022 Stacie Alexis Davenport said:

"I have just made the decision to step down effective immediately from my position with USofA Pageants LLC as Miss Gay USofA Newcomer 2022." the statement read "I will make a longer post explaining my decision later this evening. Thank You"

Read the Statement below:

Stacie Alexis Davenport had just won the title this past August in Dallas, Texas. On September 3, 2022 found and previous owner Darryl Neumann stepped down and away from USofA Pageantry. The USofA Pageantry System made several changes over the Labor Day Weekend 2022 including a new CEO of USofA Pageantry.

*This is a developing story

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