Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Cancelled for 2021.

Darryl Neumann owner and National Promoter for Miss Gay USofA Newcomer has announced the cancelation of the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer National Pageant. The announcement was made February 25, 2021 via the official Miss Gay USofA Newcomer social media.

“After careful consideration and out of the abundance of caution, the decision has been made to cancel the 2021 Miss Gay USofA Newcomer National Pageant, scheduled for August 2-5, 2021” read the statement

This is the second year that the National Pageant has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Earlier this year the Mister USofA M.I., Mister USofA M.I. Classic and Diva competition was cancelled.

The reigning Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Alexxa Oasis will continue to reign throughout the year. All qualified contestants that have qualified prior to the pandemic or during the pandemic will continue to be qualified for the 2022 pageant. The three year eligibility time frame was also paused during this time.

Read the full statement below:


The Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Division of USofA Pageants, LLC has always and will always place the highest priority on the safety and well-being of our Contestants, Promoters, Entertainers, Staff, Supporters and Fans. There is nothing more import to us than the people involved in our pageants.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a devastating blow to the entertainment and drag pageant industry over the past year, as well as the venues where our events are held. We don’t know of a single individual who has not had some sort of negative impact as a result of this global pandemic.

Within the past month, every State in the Nation has experienced delays during the process of administering COVID vaccinations to Americans and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA has continued to issue advisories regarding both domestic and International travel as well as warning of the risks of gathering in large groups.

After careful consideration and out of the abundance of caution, the decision has been made to cancel the 2021 Miss Gay USofA Newcomer National Pageant, scheduled for August 2-5, 2021. The decision was based on several determinants. #1, we feel it is not possible for everyone who wants to receive the vaccine to get it before August. #2, the advisories and warnings issued by the CDC. #3, there are still strict restrictions in place within the State of Texas that nightclubs must follow to be allowed to open (currently, our venue for Nationals remains closed, due to said restrictions). #4, we feel that the economic burden caused by the pandemic will not be resolved quickly enough to give everyone the financial stability to make the trip to Dallas for a week in August, especially our contestants who may want to bring an entire entourage with them.

We would like to thank our Miss Gay USofA Newcomer, Alexxa Oasis, from the bottom of our hearts for her patience and endurance during her reign, which began in August of 2019. Alexxa has graciously agreed to continue the unprecedented reign for another year.

If you qualified to go to Nationals in 2020 prior to the pandemic, or if you qualified at one of the few prelims that have been held so far in 2021, you now have additional time to create and fine-tune your ultimate package for Nationals. The three-year contestant eligibility clock has been paused since 2020, meaning whatever year of eligibility you were in at the start of the 2020 season, that is what year of eligibility you are still on. That will remain the same through the National Pageant in August of 2022. We appreciate you and thank you for your understanding and we urge every qualified contestant to remain motivated about competing at Nationals.

Unlike last year when we cancelled the remainder of the season, including the National Pageant, this year we are not cancelling the entire season. We are simply cancelling the National Pageant. What this means is our State and Regional Promoters may continue to schedule and hold their qualifying Prelims — if they choose to do so during the pandemic — to qualify eligible contestants for Nationals in 2022. These prelims must comply with any restrictions that may be in place in the State where the prelim is being held and the event must be held with strict compliance of the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Wellness Policy.

We were really hoping we would be able to have our National Pageant this year and are deeply saddened by the reality of having to cancel it for another year. However, as stated at the beginning of this announcement, we will always remain vigilant in our responsibility to insure the well-being of the people involved with our pageants and we feel our decision is the best one to make under the circumstances.

Our 2022 National Pageant is scheduled for August 1-4, 2022. It will be held in the legendary Rose Room inside S4 Nightclub.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may email them to me at: and I will respond as quickly as possible with a reply.

The 2022 National Miss Gay USofA Newcomer Pageant is scheduled for August 1-4, 2022 and will be held in the legendary Rose Room inside Station 4 nightclub.

Miss Gay USofA Newcomer is open to all biological males who will be at least 21 years of age by the time they compete at the National Pageant. Contestants may not have won a state or regional title or been a National Finalist in any of the major franchised national female impersonation pageants or have appeared on a Drag Based reality television series. Contestants may not compete in the Miss Gay USofA Newcomer following the 3rd Anniversary of their first entry to Miss Gay USofA Newcomer.

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