Miss Gay America Dextaci announces his Platform for his Year.

The reigning Miss Gay America Dextaci has announced his Platform for the Year for his reign as Miss Gay America.

In a Facebook Live broadcast on Sunday, February 6, 2022 Dextaci also known as Dex Poindexter announced that he will give back to local communities.

"They're are all kinds of platforms and awareness's that need attention, for me various platforms have affected my life by one way or another. I always felt that one struggle doesn't out way the other. As Miss Gay America I won't choose just one platform" said Dextaci

Throughout his reign as he travels to various preliminaries and bookings he will dedicate a crown performance to local charities that will be chosen by the promoter or booking agent who has booked Miss Gay America. The money that is raised through that performance will be given back to the local charity chosen.

"With different awareness's that does accumulate a different color and different ensemble colors of ribbons, making my theme "I Dream of Colors" come full circle"

The first preliminary to Miss Gay America 2023 will be March 3, 2022 with Miss Gay Oklahoma America.

Check out the Facebook live video below:

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