Entertainer of the Year crowns their 20th and 32nd title holders.

The 31st annual and the 20th annual Entertainer of the Year Pageant / Competition took place July 28, - 31, 2022 in Louisville, Kentucky. The annual event featured both biological males and female impersonators competing in Presentation, Talent, Swimwear, Creative Evening Wear and On-Stage Question. All nights were held at the C2 Event Center.

There was a total of 5 contestants competing for the title of Mr. Entertainer of the Year and 18 contestants for Entertainer of the Year F.I. The contestants were as followed:

Mr. Entertainer of the Year Contestants:

1. Christian Lord Bonet - 2

2. Johnny B - 3

3. Eros Sea - 4

4. Jericho Habib - 1

5. D Christian - 5

Entertainer of the Year F.I. Contestants:

1. Ev

2. Alexis Cicconi

3. Evelyn Caldwell

4. Musica Malone

5. Alyssa Lemay

6. Cora Bleu

7. Robin Da Culture

8. Aaliyah Martinez

9. K2 Russo

10. April Rition

11. Shontelle Sparkles

12. Vita Vontesse Stars

13. Champagne Munroe

14. Judah

15. Genesis

16. Kristin Collins

17. Lauren Mitchell

18. Adriana Fuentes

After 2 night of competition Jericho Habib of Reykjavik, Iceland now residing in New York, New York became the 20th Mr. Entertainer of the Year winning the cash prize of $3000.00. Christian Lord Bonet was 1st alternate winning Swim Wear with Jericho winning all other categories except On Stage Question which was a tie with Eros Sea.

The category winners were as followed:

Presentation – Jericho Habib

On Stage Question – Eros Sea & Jericho Habib

Creative Evening Wear – Jericho Habib

Talent – Jericho Habib

Swim Wear – Christian Lord Bonet

The ladies finished the weekend with preliminary competition and the Top 12 finalist that were announced during Final Night Sunday, July 31, 2022. The Top 12 were as followed:

Entertainer of the Year F.I. Top 12:

1. Genesis

2. Alyssa Lemay

3. Adriana Fuentes

4. K2 Russo

5. April Rition

6. Evelyn Caldwell

7. Alexia Cicconi

8. Ev

9. Shontelle Sparkles

10. Vita Vontesse Starr

11. Lauren Mitchell

12. Aaliyah Martinez

In the end Shontelle Sparkles of Fort Myers, Florida now residing in Louisville, Kentucky winning Evening Wear and tying in Talent with 1st runner up Vita Vontesse Starr. The results were as followed, with the category winners:

1. Shontelle Sparkles

2. Vita Vontesse Starr

3. Genesis

4. EV

5. Aaliyah Martinez

Presentation – Vita Vontesse Starr

On Stage Question – Evelyn Caldwell

Evening Wear – Shontelle Sparkles

Talent – Shontelle Sparkles & Vita Vontesse Starr

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