Drag Confidential announces it's Superstars of Drag Tour 2022

Drag Confidential formerly known as has announced that it will produce it's first tour under their new name. The website in 2018 launched it's first tour called " Superstars of Drag Tour" and featured superstars such as Sasha Colby and Jeffrey Kelly and toured west coast cities.

"In this day and age Drag tours are not uncommon, however, unless your on that popular television show you don't always get the spotlight you deserve" said founder Edward Michael "I've always been about showcasing local drag and that's what this tour will do"

The tour now named "Superstars of Drag Tour 2022" will tour to major cities throughout the United States and feature headlining Drag Artist along with local favorites to showcase Drag Artist from all spectrum of the Drag circuit.

The tour is scheduled to begin in May 2022 and go through November 2022.

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